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Safety Policy

It is the policy of Syscon to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all personnel, and those who may be affected by our work.  Syscon is responsible for identifying, controlling, or eliminating known hazards in our workplaces, which may result in personal injury or illness, property damage or negative environmental impact.  We consider Health and Safety an important responsibility and sacrificing it for the sake of expediency is not acceptable under any circumstances.

In fulfilling this commitment to people, property and the environment, Syscon management accepts responsibility for the Health and Safety Program, for its effectiveness and compliance to Safety Regulations.  We will also provide safeguards, training, protective equipment and necessary resources to ensure safe work conditions, and will lead by example.

Supervisors and foremen are responsible and accountable for the Health and Safety of the workers they direct.  Supervisors shall ensure workers are trained to do their jobs and employ tools and equipment safely, and are provided the resources they need to do so.  Workers are to follow safety regulations, safe work practices and procedures, and use Personal Protective Equipment where required or instructed.

In the spirit of the Health and Safety Act, we encourage and welcome worker participation and their contribution to the company safety program, which benefits us all.  The success of our safety and loss prevention program requires the dedication, commitment, and participation of all personnel working together to achieve an accident free workplace.

Industry Associations

Syscon has achieved and maintains a Certificate of Recognition (COR) through Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM) and is pre-qualified through CQN Advantage